How to start business in China and which unique products to choose?

Different worlds, one business

Asia may be very different in some issues in contrast towards Europe and other west markets. Entering this market is usually long and complicated, due to a big amount of administration, different culture and language barriers. In Rainer Consulting, we have decided to change the approach. We help the companies worldwide start their businesses on Asian markets – safely and fast. Running a business, mainly in China, has its own specifications and we offer you a few hints what to do while entering the market there.

Did you know that the economical growth in China after 1978 in large measure caused a boom of small and medium businessmen who now make around 65% of GDP in China?

Meet the local culture, our specialist will help you

If it is at least slightly possible, try to visit this country in person, go to the factories and places connected to your area of business. Discover the life of local inhabitans and think about the fact whether your product might be suitable for this market there. Thanks to this you will get a better understanding of your business partners’ and customers’ behaviour. Quicker and safer way is connecting the local market, thanks to our services. We make a free analysis of your business, which is a great way for you as the company to verify, whether entering the market may be suitable for you and what other steps you should make. Then we provide a complex range of services.