What do we offer to companies?

  • Exclusive business and strategic partnership
  • Help with expanding their activities into foreign markets
  • Consultations and professional counselling
  • Complex services and connection with our partners

Are you a product or commodity manufacturer and wish to expand your business activities abroad? We would love to help you, as well as provide a complex services, including legal services and thus become strategic partners on the chosen market. We will exclusively take care of everything comprehensively and you may be able to focus your energy on your business itself.

Trade on world markets

Thanks to many years of expertise and exclusive partnership, we may help you with entering the world markets.

Let us make a non-binding analysis of your business. Are your products suitable for a chosen market? Are your certifications satisfactory? We will help you find this out and make everything ready for entering the world markets.

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Our specialists will work out a detailed analysis for you on its basis. After the analysis is prepared, we will be contacting you.

We understand the European, Russian and Chinese markets

In Rainer Consulting we are experts on European, Russian and Chinese markets. We connect businessmen from all around the world and help them start their business in European Union and Asia as well. Many years of our expertise help the foreign companies to get ready for local law, certifications and habits.

Professionals from the Czech Republic, European Union and Asia

Our company’s headquarters is in the Czech Republic, in a heart of Europe, which is a proud member of the European Union. In our team you may find specialists on local markets and legal issues.

Start selling on the greatest markets in the world

We offer complex services to Chinese and Asian companies in order to help them start trading with commodities on European markets. When it comes to European companies, we help them begin in China and Asia. Are you interested in our services? Please, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form and we will work out a free analysis of your business.

Experts on various markets

We will find out, whether the commodities or products from your portfolio are suitable for the chosen market. We will help you to gain all required certifications or licences as well as help you with distribution.

Worldwide partnerships

We have made strategic parterships worldwide. Thanks to them we are well aware of the fact how to introduce our partners and their products to new markets.

Stable and reliable partner

Our team of experts will take care of all the issues, so everything may be smooth and without any obstacles that may occur. We will help you enter into new markets safely.

Non-binding analysis

While entering new markets we establish our partners new entities. Therefore we become companions and strategic partners for the enquiring companies. Let us work out a non-binding analysis and we will promptly be contacting you.

How do we proceed in Rainer Consulting?

On the basis of the information provided by our partners, we will make a complex and deep analysis, evaluating their business. Accompanied with our experts on local markets and legal department, we will prepare all required materials for entering the market effectively.

Then, together with our partner, we establish local entities which allow us to maintain the chosen market effectively as well as trade on it. We enter the entity together with our partners and help them in their further development and provide fully needed know-how.

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